New York State of Mind – Day I

I’m a little late posting about my trip to NYC which was at the beginning of this month because I needed time to recover.  It was definitely whirlwind and fun-filled and  we made use of Every. Single. Minute.  I was in town to support my girl Mimi for the Mimi G for Simplicity pattern signing event which was held at Brooklyn Craft Company which is an amazing craft space that offers classes as well as private events.

91714 91714b I met my girls Adrienne and Candice there and we decided to make a weekend of it.

After days of no sleep and packing at the last minute, I caught the red eye out on Thursday


I started out on the trip “fresh faced” but I had major plans to sleep on plane.  That was before the person that was sitting next to me leaned in almost immediately after sitting down and began snoring.  LOUDLY.  This went on for the entire flight and I might have accidently nudged her once or twice when the volume reached ridiculous levels.


This is what I looked like when I reached Houston, I could literally barely keep my eyes open.  Thankfully, my seat mates were cool, a father a daughter traveling to the City, so I was able to sleep on the last leg of the trip and a good thing too because once I connected with the girls we hit the ground running.


With luggage in tow, our first stop was at the famous Metro Textiles.  This is a big little place.  They have certainly made the most best use of every inch of that square footage.   There was barely room for the three of us to move around in the store, in fact we had to leave our luggage in the hallway outside of the store, but there was ceiling to floor fabric. 91714d I stayed true to my mission to only purchase must have pieces and bought, a gorgeous pink ponte


A  graphic stretch sateen


and this Venetian print scuba knit.


This was a favorite among the girls so we all got a piece of that.  There was another beautiful boucle covered in irridesent sequins that we also all fell in love with but since there were only three yards of that, a fabric hog who shall remain nameless (she did offer to share) was the only one who walked away with that baby ;-).  The only downside to my Metro Textiles trip was that Kashi was not there so I didn’t get to take my picture with him which was high on my list of things to do.  Oh well, I guess that just means I’ll have to go back right? After checking in and getting settled a bit we were off to find food.  This was my very first trip to New York but I felt oddly at home.  Appearance and energy wise Manhattan reminded me soooo much of San Francisco and I’ve done hard time there so the hustle and bustle and city sounds were oddly soothing.  Add to that I was with the best tour guide ever Adrienne! She is a beast.  You name it, you want it, the next thing you know you’re there.  You may have had to walk a million miles to get there but the experience is so worth it.  We also had our resident photographer Candice.  Her eye is AMAZING and any of the good shots from our trip that you see on this page were taken by her.  This day, authenic New York pizza was on the menu.  We landed at John’s Pizzeria.  I have to tell you I was a little skeptical because this place was pretty empty when we got there, not a good sign in a restaurant, then the service was a little slow but MAN when I tell you this was literally the best pepperoni pizza I have ever tasted, please believe that I do not say that lightly.  I literally thought about that pizza for days after.


After a little light shopping we stopped at Junior’s Bakery for Cheesecake.  Now I’m not really a huge fan of cheesecake but when in Rome . . .



The cheesecake here is NEXT LEVEL. Blueberry is my go to cheesecake move but this here carrot cake cheesecake, MAN! I will be hitting this place up everytime I’m in town.

After the cab ride from HELL we arrived back at the hotel and decided to take a nap.  After not actually having a good nights sleep since Wednesday, I had to surrender.

We headed out to meet friends for dinner at Sofrito.  I’d heard stories about the great Puerto Rican food at this place and it did not disappoint.


We must have been delirious because after walking several blocks in the wrong direction, we had to jump in a cab back to the hotel.   Did I mention that it felt like we walked a million miles that day?  The weather was so hot and humid I’d been drinking water all day.  After a nightcap of ice cold Coca Cola, I laid it down to get ready for the next fun filled day in the City.

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