OOTD Jeans and Sequined Graphic Tank

A very dear friend of ours received his Masters degree and invited us to the graduation party later that afternoon.  I know times have changed but I’m still a bit old school and graduation to me means dress up so of course, I immediately began going through my mental Rolodex pairing fabric to pattern. Two days before the party I received a text from our friend that said “KELLY, casual attire”  All I could do was laugh, because apparently he knows me better than I thought.  After clarifying that his casual meant jeans or shorts I first considered making a top but then I remembered this cute sequined graphic tank I’d bought that I needed to wear before the weather officially changes.


In case you didn’t know, I love sparkly things and this shirt fits the bill.  It’s casual but the sequined scorpion (yes, that is my astrological sign) gives it that extra pop and when paired with a blazer, like below can elevate an outfit to dressy casual.


Often, my husband is the one taking pictures of me so we are rarely in them together, however our 7-year-old son is a budding photographer so I was able to get a picture with my guy.


4 thoughts on “OOTD Jeans and Sequined Graphic Tank

  1. So great to see a pic of you and your hubby together! You are a cute couple! Also so glad that you had a wonderful time in NYC. Hopefully if you come back we can have a chance to meet up!


  2. Kelly I enjoyed your NY State of mind posts! I lived in NY for 4 years and just couldn’t on the Pizza and I have had many. When and if you come to Chicago (if Mimi lands here) I will put you in touch with pizza so good you won’t believe your mouth – make you wonna slap ya ma! LOL! Glad you had a grea time in the apple! You and the hubby are too cute!!


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