OOTD – Snow Leopard and Denim

I have been staying up so late lately, even for me, that by the time I go to bed all I can think about is going to sleep let alone preparing my outfit for the next day.  Whenever I find myself in that situation I go to go-to favorite jeans and build from there.  I have jeans in many different washes, cuts, styles even lengths so once I decide on the pair I want to wear, I build from there.  Today I settled on these cropped boyfriend jeans from Old Navy, tank and snow leopard tank, also from Old Navy.


The weather here has been so fickle lately, 95 degrees one day 75degrees the next so the layers offered me some flexibility.  No matter what the weather though I always have to have some kind of jacket or sweater at the office because the air conditioning is on full blast maybe 10 months of the year.  What can I say I work in the building with a lot of middle aged ladies, no shade, just truth.

IMG_0245 IMG_0244


The shoes are 9-West from last Fall and they sold out immediately.

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