Blue and White Polka Dots, Denim and sparkles

I have a lot of clothes you guys. But because Fall/Winter is not my favorite season for fashion, in the past I haven’t always put forth the most effort when putting looks together. I decided I was going to do better this go around and actually wear some of the clothes in my closet and avoid the strong pull of the many track suits I own. Although I love color and whimsy for spring and summer looks, most of my fall/winter clothes feature darker solids.

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This polka dot sweater is one of the few patterned pieces that I have and I love it. I paired it with a white button down, light denim, booties and a fabulously sparkly statement necklace.




I’m loving these navy shoe Steve Madden booties!


4 thoughts on “Blue and White Polka Dots, Denim and sparkles

  1. I thought i was the only one that didnt like winter fashion! Lol not that i hate it, just my least favorite season. San Francisco used to kill me! You have to have a coat on in the morning, and by noon you’re hot and bothered lol


  2. it’s my least favourite season too but I live in the cold, snowy north and we have ten months of it. Warmth is always a factor here and in my wardrobe but you’re right – my winter clothes are dark, dull colours and I need more whimsy in my choices. I love your outfit and the polka dot sweater is amazing.


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