Happy New Year!!!

Hi Luvs! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and are looking forward to the new year.  I always love the new year as it is a time for reflection on what you’ve accomplished and learned and also an opportunity to reflect on the strength that you have that allowed you to navigate the previous years challenges.  I also love the goal setting and planning for accomplishments and the inherent hope that all of that brings.  I try to do this in every aspect of my life, including sewing, so here’s a look back at my 2015 projects.

2015-08-082015-11-29Recently Updated29IMG_0028



I realized although there are a few more makes that I did not photograph and review, my sewing output was dismally low this year, definitely due more to the sheer craziness of work, travel and children being involved in more activities than my interest in sewing.  I plan to change that this year. I’ve already got one jumpsuit about 90% completed and two dresses cut out so I’m off to a good start.  I think what’s needed is a new routine for my current lifestyle rather than trying to stick with what worked when life was a lot less complicated.  I’m committed to it though so I know it’ll happen.

Were you as productive in 2015 as you’d hoped to be?  What are your sewing goals for 2016?

I’m off to celebrate hubby’s birthday today, if the weather holds up, I’ll be posting pictures of my dress later this week.


4 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!!

  1. Happy beginning of the new year Kelly!

    No I was not even close to being as productive as I wanted to be in 2015 but as a newbie I am learning that you have to build up to it. My sewing goals for 2016 are to sew at least 2 garments a month. I have about 15 patterns ( and counting) pulled for spring summer sewing so the goal is to have a decent collection by mid spring. Other than that making better fabric choices and just continue to grow in my sewing ability


  2. Happy New Year! Honestly when my kids were around the age of yours I sewed about a 1/3rd of what I sew now. Just not enough hours in the day! I carved out time on Saturday evenings into the early morning to sew. It helped that my ex-husband worked Saturday nights. I’m trying to say schedule some time for you to sew every week and you will be surprised what you will get accomplished!


    • I know this to be true. In fact, it was you and this very advice that inspired the current schedule that worked so well for years but with me working more, three kids in school and my oldest playing travel ball it’s brutal. I’ve started cutting out multiple projects so when I get a block of time I can just sew. Sometimes I do have to choose between sewing and sleeping and man that gets hard and sometimes sleep just takes me but sewing is life so failing is not an option.


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