Starting Over – Fitness Journey

A little over a year ago, I embarked on a pretty serious fitness journey where I not only changed the way that I was eating but I also started a pretty consistent walking program.  By January of last year, I had gotten up to walking 3-5 miles four or five times a week.  I was feeling really strong and pretty good about me sticking to it because let’s face it, exercise has never really been my thing.  When February hit, I began having problems with pain in my foot and ankle — well, truth be told, I’d had trouble with the same foot/ankle off and on for years but I’d take Motrin or Alleve for a couple of days and I’d be back in business.  Unfortunately, I’ve developed an intolerance for that entire class of medications so off to the podiatrist I went.  Turns out I have chronic tendinitis in my foot that is of course aggravated by the repetitive motion of WALKING.  I left there with a compression sock, a compression brace, orthopedic pads a boot a prescription for custom orthotics and a CANE!  He also told me that the ONLY acceptable shoe for me to wear would be hiking boots . . . all the time.  AS. IF.


All the equipment did help and after wearing it for awhile, my foot was great and I was ready to go.  About half way through my first day back in shoes, I had a severe back spasm due to being off balance from the boot and my back was out for a month.  That pain was WAY worse than the foot pain.  Haven’t been back in that boot since.  I said all that to say that because of all of these foot issues, I am in pain daily and as a result haven’t been able to exercise for nearly a year and I really feel it.  Late last night I got the bright idea to use icy hot on my foot and I actually experienced significant relief.  So today, I’m back on the treadmill. I’ll definitely have to work my way back up to where I was but I’m just thankful that I can begin again.  I may need you guys to help keep me accountable and certainly feel free to join me.  I have a tendency to be tough on myself but I just have to remember that it’s not the destination it’s about the journey.


11 thoughts on “Starting Over – Fitness Journey

  1. The Dr can’t recommend some forms of exercise that don’t involve using your feet exclusively? What about yoga or Pilates? Both would help tone and increase your stamina without adding additional stress to your feet.


  2. Kelly – I have a repetitive overuse injury aka tendinitis in my heel and ankle as well. Walking in certain shoes aggravates it more than other times. I have switched to Merrill and Clarks for more comfort, cushion and support during the walks and these shoes have definitely helped – this was per the doctors recommendation. I bike a lot now because that feels much better and of course I weight lift which hardly bothers it. I also do Kranking (spin using the upper body) classes for cardio without the lower body stuff. So there are options – don’t be discouraged. When my sister had knee surgery she did the bike but the knee that had surgery she had it elevated on a chair out of the way of the turning pedal and used her other leg to stationary bike. Her fitness level increased because she “unknowingly” worked harder to accommodate for only using one leg. But it worked and that is what matters. Hopefully you will find something that you can do that will work for you.


  3. Kelly,

    I don’t even know where to start! I’ve been dealing with back pain for years. The best advise I can give you is too not push yourself because it could make it worse. Do what you can when you feel better/up to it. I decided to do some form of exercise because I got tired of the doctors telling me my weight was a contributing factor at almost 300 pounds. WOW, I normally wouldn’t share that with anyone but I’ve been following you for a minute and feel comfortable with talking with you. My old blog I talked a little about it. I’m trying to combined both my old and new blog but I’m computer challenged however I encourage you to not give up, I didn’t and lost a good amount of weight. Let me know if I can help in any way.


  4. Kelly why not do biking. I too got/have tendinitis in my foot from walking and running. So now I intersperse walking and running with biking. Outdoor biking or spin classes. I also use the cybex arc trainer whew what a great workout with no stress on my feet or ankles at all. Shame on your doctor for not giving you more direction for alternatives to continue on your fitness journey.


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