Dropped Crotch Sweats

One of the things  I love about sewing is that it gives you the ability to take risks and try things that you otherwise might not if you were paying retail.  Awhile back, I found a pair of dropped crotch pants I absolutely loved!  Sadly the fabric wasn’t that great so they started to pill. Now normally something like that would go straight to the trash but I held on to those pants  because I knew I wanted to copy them…someday. LOL 

As I’ve mentioned before I spend a lot of time in basketball gyms so I like to have comfortable options. With all of the rain we’ve been having lately, I also wanted them to be warm so instead of the drapey knit the originals were made from, I made mine from a  (relatively) thin fleece.  

Let me tell you, these were THE most comfortable pants EVAH!!!  To get the look, I traced my original pants, but if you want to give it a try, you can check out THIS free tutorial. There are some minor design differences but if you’re familiar with basic pattern drafting, you can make them your own.  I had to draft the pattern twice to get here and I’d still tweak the pattern a bit to take some of the center volume out but overall these did the job. 

6 thoughts on “Dropped Crotch Sweats

  1. Hi Kelly – you noted in an Instagram post that you live in the east bay. I’m in Livermore, so not particularly close. I get together with bay area sewing friends. We started as a group from the SF Bay Area message board on Patternreview.com That was 14 years ago, and we are still meeting.

    I’m hosting on March 26th. And I would be delighted if you were to join us; feel free to bring a friend. If you are at all interested in meeting us, please, let me know neeferduirATyahooDOTcom We also meet much closer to you. We also have hosts in Richmond and Oakland (as well as the city, the pennisula, and the south bay) if you are interested in the future.

    I’m neefer or neeferduir, sometimes oaktrees, on most sewing websites, if you want to check me out. My blog is at http://www.oaktrees.org/blog and I’d be happy to give the URLs for group member’s blogs. I haven’t been keeping up my blog.

    Check me out, and let me know if you want links to blogs. I hope to hear from you.


    • Hi! Thanks so much for thinking of me. My sewing is pretty much relegated to the wee morning hours these days with all of the kids activities and my busy practice. I’ve had a tunic cut out for weeks, hopefully I’ll be able to get to it soon. Whenever things change I’ll definitely look you up.


      • Well, I finally found time to respond to your response. 🙂 So I get that busy bit. I look forward to your stuff in Instagram, and maybe someday you will join us for a sewing get together.


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