M7573 Sew Along

I’m so intrigued by this top but I’ve had even less time to sew lately than usual.  Between the boys and their special events and requests they’ve been keeping me pretty busy.  I have a few trips and events of my own coming up and really need to get a few pieces together.  When things get really tight like this I fall back on my fail proof 15 minutes a day method to get things done.  Anyone else finding it hard to find time to sew? You want to sew along with me while I make this top?  If you want to sew along, leave a comment below with your blog address and I’ll stop on by to see how you’re doing.  Starting on Friday, I’ll post on my daily progress on my instagram @kellyhpsyd.  Let’s see just how much you really can get done in 15 minutes a day.

2 thoughts on “M7573 Sew Along

  1. I love your idea of sewing 15 minutes a day! I always think I need 1-2 hours of time blocked off to work on a project — which never seems to happen — so I end up doing nothing! I’m going to try your method of 15 minutes a day which is WAY better than waiting for an imaginary chunk of free time to sew!

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  2. I love your idea! I am right along with you. The end of the school year is always crazy for me. I am going to pick up fabric today.


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