OOTD – Mimi G Cocoon Sweater

So a few posts ago, I was raving about my cocoon sweater and how much I loved the shape and wanted more.  Mimi G must have been reading my mind because a few short days later she posted this Cocoon Sweater tutorial  It was easy to make, even easier to wear and so super cozy.  It was great to throw over this black mock tee and leggings to dress it up a bit.



I’m already working on my second version and I can’t wait to wear it.  I’ll try to restrain myself but my closet will have at least a few more of these.

OOTD – Camo and Khaki

If you haven’t already guessed, I am currently having a love affair with camo. These pants are no different. I decided to wear these today in honor of Veterans Day. I grabbed these casual knit pants, a V-neck tee, khaki blazer and statement necklace to round out the outfit. Believe it or not I found these pants at Wal-Mart and thought they were so cute I had to buy them. I liked them so much I will go buy more.






OOTD – Cocoon Sweater and Cropped Denim

I’ve been waiting for a chill in the air so I could wear this cocoon sweater.  I LOVE this sweater.  It’s one of my F21 finds that I have held onto for months.  I paired it with this white mock turtle neck, cropped deconstructed jeans and boots which by the way is a great way to continue to wear your cropped jeans all year round because they come just to the top of my boots.



This is one of my favorite pieces for Fall and I’ll be looking to grab or make another.2014-10-29



OOTD – Sequins and Deconstructed Denim

You’d think I’d learn one day, and maybe I will but that day is not today.  I have to travel this week, like tomorrow, and although I’ve known for weeks, as of this moment I have not packed one single thing and as usual I have a bunch of last minute errands.


I work in the same town I live in and all it took was once for me to run into one of my clients looking super crazy on errand running day for me to realize I need to at least give some thought to what I’m wearing.  Today I chose this sequined front sweat shirt, it’s an oldie but goodie  from Old Navy, and my deconstructed jeans from Forever21 here.  I was warm, comfortable and it’s a cute and easy outfit.



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OOTD – Camo and Denim

I was off today and wanted to stay home and sew.  Perfect right?  But hubby wanted to take me to lunch so. . . . change of plans.  The weather was actually pretty nice when we went out even though it rained earlier so I decided to wear something that would keep me warm enough but not require a coat.  I don’t like the extra layers if I don’t absolutely need them but the truth is if I don’t have the exact jacket that I want at the moment, I will often choose to just skip one, shameful I know, but true.


I decided on this casual look of camo mock turtle neck, jeans and riding boots and it was perfect.  I love how something so casual and simple can look pulled together.

IMG_0285-001 IMG_0286-001 IMG_0287-001 2014-10-21 IMG_0289-001

OOTD – Snow Leopard and Denim

I have been staying up so late lately, even for me, that by the time I go to bed all I can think about is going to sleep let alone preparing my outfit for the next day.  Whenever I find myself in that situation I go to go-to favorite jeans and build from there.  I have jeans in many different washes, cuts, styles even lengths so once I decide on the pair I want to wear, I build from there.  Today I settled on these cropped boyfriend jeans from Old Navy, tank and snow leopard tank, also from Old Navy.


The weather here has been so fickle lately, 95 degrees one day 75degrees the next so the layers offered me some flexibility.  No matter what the weather though I always have to have some kind of jacket or sweater at the office because the air conditioning is on full blast maybe 10 months of the year.  What can I say I work in the building with a lot of middle aged ladies, no shade, just truth.

IMG_0245 IMG_0244


The shoes are 9-West from last Fall and they sold out immediately.

OOTD – Ruched Tunic and Leather Leggings



The weather is definitely changing and I am trying to make a concerted effort to focus on building a Fall/Winter wardrobe that I love.  I scored these faux leather leggings at Forever 21.  F21 is a great place to try out the trends.  You can pick up pieces that you’d like to try out but don’t want to spend a lot of money on.  They also have a F21+ section that although it’s not where it should be is steadily getting better and there are even more plus options available online.  I also found this top online at Old Navy during a sale no less so I paid less that $20 for both pieces.  Now my shoes are by Via Spiga and although I did get them on sale too a few years ago, it was at a slightly different price point, LOL.

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Leggings (The Faux ones aren’t available anymore but I like these).  I don’t see my particular shirt but this one is similar and I like the color better.

OOTD Jeans and Sequined Graphic Tank

A very dear friend of ours received his Masters degree and invited us to the graduation party later that afternoon.  I know times have changed but I’m still a bit old school and graduation to me means dress up so of course, I immediately began going through my mental Rolodex pairing fabric to pattern. Two days before the party I received a text from our friend that said “KELLY, casual attire”  All I could do was laugh, because apparently he knows me better than I thought.  After clarifying that his casual meant jeans or shorts I first considered making a top but then I remembered this cute sequined graphic tank I’d bought that I needed to wear before the weather officially changes.


In case you didn’t know, I love sparkly things and this shirt fits the bill.  It’s casual but the sequined scorpion (yes, that is my astrological sign) gives it that extra pop and when paired with a blazer, like below can elevate an outfit to dressy casual.


Often, my husband is the one taking pictures of me so we are rarely in them together, however our 7-year-old son is a budding photographer so I was able to get a picture with my guy.