Happy Fourth of July!!!!


I can’t believe it has been so long since I’ve posted.  I’ve sewn just a little but have been plenty busy with 5th grade dances and promotions, end of school, summer vacation travel planning and of course working hard.  I’ve sewn just a bit but hopefully will be able to squeeze in more this weekend.

I always like to dress for the 4th of July but I like to do it in ways that are subtle so while I am for sure rocking the Red, White and Blue, I broke it up a bit with this blue and white handkerchief hem dress from Forever 21 and of course you can’t go wrong with red Chuck Taylor’s.


We’ll just be cooking and staying close to home.  I’ve been on the go so much this year, it’ll be nice just to slow it down and hang with my crew.  I hope you guys have a great and relaxing holiday and I promise I’ll be getting back to the lab to crank out a few pieces.